The types of shots in Basketball



Rebounds are very important in basketball. They secure a good advantage for your team if you are apprehensive about trying to get a shot in from where you are. The ball can hit against the board and go to a player on your team who has a better chance of getting a shot in. The Aim Spots on the board which can be used for rebounds are Orange, Dark and Light Green, Light Blue, Purple, Pink and Grey.


Bank Shots

A bank shot is when the basketball hits or 'banks' off the board before going into the hoop. They are used for middle to short range shots and are very reliable. The Aim Spots on the board which can be used for Bank Shots are Dark Green, Dark Blue, and Purple.



You need to stand at the side of the backboard. Then take one step forward with the inside foot, step with that foot and jump off of it and shoot. It is a very common shot and it is the shot where you are most likely to get the ball in. The Aim Spots on the board for Layups are Red and Yellow.


Reverse Layup

You can use a reverse layup if you want to protect against defenders. It is a shot made by a player near the basket in which a player starts at one side of the rim, then shoots the ball underhand at the other side of the rim. The Aim Spots for the Reverse Layup are Orange and Pink.


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