Educational Benefits

In addition to being a basketball training aid, our Aim-It products are valuable educational
tools. From pre-school to secondary school, every level can benefit from Aim-It. Our
versatile products can be adapted to meet a range of educational needs in the areas of
Physical Literacy, Mathematics and Physics, through active learning, a key educational
concept underpinning the National Curriculum from preschool to secondary.
With recent research from DCU indicating that less than one in five children can throw a ball,
Aim-It is an ideal tool to help children improve their ball skills, hand/eye coordination and
fine motor skills. Aim-It can also be used to encourage children to actively think about the
principles of mathematics and physics involved in basketball and ball games generally,
opening their minds to these principles in a real and practical way.
Aim-It products are also a fun and engaging way for children to develop concentration and
problem solving skills, through play and physical activity.
In this age of ‘always online’ with an increasing need for physical literacy and an increasing
focus on active learning, there has never been a better time to ‘Aim-It and Score!’
Details of the educational benefits and concepts of Aim-It are provided in soft copy on


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