We are thrilled to introduce our products to you: Aim-It and our sister products the Aim-It lite and Aim-It junior.

At its heart, Aim-It is a target game.  Not only is it fun and engaging, it provides an exciting and effective opportunity to develop fine motor skills and hand/eye coordination.  In these days of always online and excessive screentime, there has never been a greater need for a product like Aim-It.

Aim-It is an entirely new and unique product on the market.  Our product was originally devised as a training aid for basketball to teach players how to use the basketball backboard accurately and effectively.  It can easily be fixed onto basketball backboards or onto any flat surface such as a wall in a school hall or playground. It can be used with or without a basketball hoop. Aim-It has multiple visual reference points and is divided into 6 areas. Each area contains uniquely located and coloured “aim spots” in the shape of a small basketball.  They are targets for where a players should aim, to score a basket or set up a teammate, depending on where the player is located and the trajectory of the proposed shot or pass. Aim-It aims to help younger players in particular to make the best use of the backboard and to generally improve their aim and hand/eye coordination. 

The material used in Aim-It is a light ProPES banner recyclable material which is made from recycled plastic and water based ink.  Our packaging too is also eco-friendly, being totally biodegradable.


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